Bamboo Collection

Sunboo is a fresh brand inspired by the mood of the “be green” with the aim to introduce the concept of “fashionable nature”.
Five drivers led to the creation of Sunboo: the material, the lightness, the prestigious, the passion and the fashion freshness, and therefore its credo was born:

Greener than a leaf
Lighter than a feather
More Prestigious than an Oscar Award
More Fashionable than the Mona Lisa Smile
More Passionate than a Marilyn Monroe kiss

Our wish is to create not only the best natural fashion product, but mostly a “way to be”. Anyone can wear Sunboo, there is no age, no profession, no social class or political thoughts that could impede people from wearing our products. With different styles, materials combinations and colorful mirror and not mirror lenses our sunglasses made by bamboo give anyone the look which reflects his mood.

We are just trying to mix an innovative style with the traditionalism of the nature, since also the fashion owes to be green.